What is TestoMeter?
So you must be wondering what is TestoMeter?
Well TestoMeter is a new term coined, which will be used in future to measure your testing skills, ability to test out of box, and help to upgrade or to enhance any kind of testing skill set. TestoMeter will help to set standard testing processes. TestoMeter continuously focusing on trending technology and certification courses like ISTQB CTFL, ISTQB Agile, ISTQB Test analyst, ISTQB Test manager, Selenium with java/C#, RPA Tools  (Ui Path, blue prism and Automation Anywhere), SQL for tester and many more.  We want to make ‘TestoMeter’ as De-Facto standard for Software Testing processes. Basic idea behind TestoMeter is to give you an indication on what areas you can improve upon. A TestoMeter can be anything, from a simple problem to a puzzle which can help you measure your testing skills against a scale. This scale is nothing but a set of pre identified categories against which your input is checked. For example given a problem what are all the possible categories in which you can write your test cases.  As of now this TestoMeter is in its infancy, it will evolve with your feedback & Suggestions. On Off Test – If you think boundary values has to do with only integer values, think again. This test will make you think differently with respect to boundary values. You will also understand the concept of powerful test case and what kind of errors can be expected from developers. TestoMeter has seen this question being used in many interviews to check how good test cases you can write for any given problem. Our special thanks to people who are identifying weakness and defects in TestoMeter and giving their constant feedback to improve TestoMeter. So I am requesting all of you to welcome and accept TestoMeter with open hearts and be a part of its Journey in any possible way. Please check all our valued services which helps to all test beginners, and test Experts to upgrade their testing skills.

Mr. Yogesh Shinde


Executive Director

M.Tech(Computer Science & Technology)

Sr.QA Engineer